EU MSL Academy Delivery Options

Organisations to choose a programme package that best meets the therapeutic and capability training needs of the MSL team.

Full Terms

  • The MSL Academy EU programme will be launched in Q1 2020

  • In all package options, the MSL assessments are mandatory activities. They provide performance benchmarks and measurable improvements in MSLs’ confidence and competence

  • Packages A, B and C will have MSLs attending from multiple pharmaceutical clients and will be delivered in English. Each engagement will be on pre-set meeting dates selected by Syneos Health

  • Package D is a bespoke service that will have MSL attendees from one pharmaceutical client. This option allows clients to select their preferred dates and number of engagements whilst still abiding to the two-month interval between each deliverable. The engagements can also be delivered in one national language chosen by the client

  • Please select on the ‘Contact Us’ button for information on pricing on each package, delivery timeline and any other queries

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