Launching in Q1 2020

Supporting MSL Excellence & Understanding of the
Medical Engagement Framework


Curriculum Content

The MSL Academy provides a flexible programme to support the development of in-role MSLs and offers a unique opportunity for cross-organisational MSLs to complete an immersive content schedule including:


MedIQ/EQ Assessment

The MSL assessment is designed to assist MSLs in their professional development by measuring their confidence and competence in key areas crucial for success, and will be delivered at the start and end of the programme.

Therapeutic Area Essentials
e-module library

An e-learning platform consisting of 300+ Therapeutic Area Essentials™
e-learning modules. There are 70+ therapy areas, which are further split into 2-5 modules.

Interactive Group WebEx Session

An interactive group WebEx supported by reinforcement questions and online Q&A. Recorded and available for repeated viewings throughout the programme. SMEs can 
be leveraged to bring in expertise around real-world scenarios.

Live Training Session

A live workshop led by facilitators and coaches and delivered in a highly interactive format with multiple role-play exercises. Each training opportunity will include real world application with MSL stakeholders. The consecutive F2F meeting will build upon recent experience.

The curriculum content works in conjunction with the Syneos Health Medical Engagement Framework, ensuring a consistent, approved approach to achieving MSL excellence in internal and external stakeholder engagement.

Curriculum Objectives

Medical Engagement Framework slide build

Throughout the programme, MSLs will:

  1. Understand and apply the Medical Engagement Framework to planning and executing interactions with KOLs, Advisory Boards and Congresses

  2. Participate in live training sessions that provides a unique opportunity for MSLs to practice techniques, share learning experiences and participate in role plays

  3. Organise medical narrative into a logical, compelling storyline

  4. Deliver concise messages verbally and in written form adapted to the audience (e.g. Scientific Leaders, KOLs, Peers and Internal Stakeholders)

  5. Identify non-verbal and verbal resistance cues and react in
    real time


  6. Process and parse volumes of information and distil components relevant to their SMART objectives

  7. Understand the concept of insight generation and dissemination and how it drives the MSLs’ Engagement Framework

  8. Evaluate medical data, generate hypotheses, assess evidence and arrive at conclusions that can be shared with a range of stakeholders

  9. Evaluate relevance and impact of insights

  10. Gain a deeper understanding with access to over 300 modules to select therapeutic content relevant to their role and ongoing MSL education

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